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Company secretarial services Malaysia

According to The Companies Act 2016, a company incorporated in Malaysia must appoint at least one company secretary within 30 days of the date of incorporation, and notify the Companies Registrar within 14 days of the date of appointment.


An appointed company secretary shall be a natural person, 18 years of age and above, and a citizen or permanent resident of Malaysia, who shall ordinarily reside in Malaysia, and must be a member of a professional body set out in the Fourth Schedule or is duly licenced by the SSM.



Company secretaries play a pivotal role in the growth and success of a company. From ensuring that your company is acting in compliance with Malaysia’s statutory obligations to playing the advisory role in your firm, your company secretary undertakes numerous roles in your company. As such, it is crucial that the firm you entrust your corporate secretarial services to is competent and reliable. Here are three reasons why is your best bet when it comes to corporate secretarial services.


Greater Security


Your company secretary functions as the backbone of your company’s administrative and compliance-related matters. With failure to perform these duties in accordance to legal demands possibly resulting in serious repercussions to the company, it is hence advisable that your company secretary possesses the necessary skills and capabilities to discharge these functions. has a competent team of licensed and highly trained individuals equipped to handle your administrative functions for your secretarial role. With numerous years of experience in corporate advisory and related services, our team will make sure that your company complies to the Companies Act and is thus safeguarded from any fines, penalties and additional expenses.


Greater Efficiency


Ensuring that requirements set by regulatory authorities are completed and punctually met can be time consuming and demanding without a reliable company secretary to handle the job. With however, you no longer have to spend additional time and effort researching and making sure that these regulations are being adhered to by your company. Simply trust us to settle your deadlines and other tedious responsibilities and in turn gain more time and energy to concentrate on other crucial business processes in your company.


Greater Growth


At, we believe that maintaining a high standard of corporate governance is a cornerstone to the growth and success of your company. While other firms offering corporate secretarial services focus mainly on complying with government red tape, growth and profit, we strive to play an advisory role to your company, to make sure that there are no oversights, and help you with formulating strategies to complement your decision-making process. We aid you in monitoring your internal controls and ensuring that your company is always ready and prepared for each stage of growth, providing you with the support you need to bring your company further.

Company Registration | Company Formation | Company Incorporation Malaysia

Registering a company in Malaysia can be a complex undertaking, whether you are setting up a brand new company, or simply relocating your existing company to Malaysia. With numerous requirements, tedious procedures and strict timelines to follow, registering a new company is often cumbersome and intimidating. Mere oversights in the registration process may also render your applications invalid, wasting your hard work and effort. Hence, at S&F Consulting Firm Limited, we strive to make setting up your new business a smooth and seamless process for you – all by being your one stop shop for company registration services!


What is Required for Starting a Company


Private limited liability companies (Private Limited companies) are the most common form of business entities registered in Malaysia. Not only are they a separate legal entity whereby shareholders are not held liable for company’s debts beyond the amount of share capital they have contributed, a properly structured one also benefits from a very tax efficient corporate body.



To register your company in Malaysia as a Private limited company, you would have to first seek approval for your company name and register your company by providing Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) with the necessary company incorporation documents. Once both your company name and company registration has been approved by SSM, you can then open your corporate bank account, apply for business licenses, and register for SST, fully incorporating your new company in Malaysia.


How VentureHaven can Help


S&F Consulting Firm Limited helps you to handle the nitty-gritties, freeing you up to concentrate on what is most important – Your Business! From our vast series of Company Registration Packages, find the one that best suits your needs to help you make the first step as a business owner.


Our services include (but are not limited to):


Preparation of Required Documents for SSM

Company Name Check and Reservation of Company Name

Registration of Company Name

Compilation of Company Business Profile

Opening of Corporate Bank Account

Annual Filing – mandated by Companies Act 2016

Corporate Secretarial Services


Besides providing the full suite of corporate services to help you set up your company, our friendly and knowledgeable team will help you to ensure that your company complies with Malaysia’s regulatory requirements as well as annual compliance needs, and that your company business setup and reporting requirements are all in order. With taking the lead, fretting over tiresome registration procedures and protocols can now be a thing of the past.


Join thousands of happy clients who have benefited from our exceptional service and practical advice, and start your company with us today your designated stop for company incorporation in Malaysia.

5 Things You Need To Start Any Company In Malaysia

Whether you're planning to run an online or offline business, the first thing you should do is to register it with SSM


The process is simple and won't take you more than two hours to complete.


You'll need to submit a completed Business Registration Form (Form A) along with a photocopy of your NRIC, permit or supporting letters (if any), and the required payment. This can be done at the nearest SSM office or via their online portal. Your Business Registration Certificate should be ready within an hour of payment.



But having a Business Registration Certificate alone is not enough. Here are five other important things you need to do as a business owner:


  1. Open a business bank account

Image from Wise Stamp

Image via Wise Stamp


It's advisable to open a business account so that you can keep your personal and business finances separated. This is especially important if you're running a partnership (a business that is owned by two or more people), since there will be a few people who need access to the bank account.


With the CIMB Online Business Current Account, you can open an account from the comforts of your home or new office without the need to step out. Just have all your documents prepared in front of you and you’ll be done in 10 minutes.


  1. Register your business with SOCSO


It's a legal requirement for all companies to register itself with SOCSO, whether yours is a sole-proprietorship or partnership. This is so that you and your employees will be protected should there be any work-related injuries.


Registration can be done at the nearest SOCSO office, where you'll need to fill in the following forms:


- Form 1

- Two copies of Form D

- Two copies of Form A

- Form 2 (if you have any employees)


  1. Register for a tax file with LHDN

Similar to the above, you are also legally required to open a tax file at LHDN when you start your own company. You'll need to submit two copies of the Business Registration Certificate along with the LHDN registration forms. This can be done online or at their nearest office.


  1. Register with EPF


Once you've hired someone, you'll need to register your business and employee with EPF within the next seven days. Complete the Form KWSP 1 and submit it along with your Business Registration Certificate and other documents issued by SSM at the nearest EPF office.


  1. Companies that are operating in certain industries will also need to register with HRDF

As stated in the PSMB Act 2001, companies that operate in certain industries will need to register with HRDF. This gives your employees access to trainings that can further develop their skills at work. Being registered under HRDF also allows you as an employer to apply for a training grant, which can be used to subsidise training costs for employees.


The registration process is online via HRDF's portal.


Now that you've got all these done, you're ready to get your business up and running!


Also, CIMB Bank is giving sole proprietors and partnerships up to RM600 cashback


CIMB Bank is running a promotion for their Online Business Current Account which allows you to enjoy up to RM600 cashback. This promotion is open to business owners who registered with SSM as a sole proprietor or under a partnership.


The new Companies Act 2016 (new CA) provides for easier incorporation of companies compared to the existing Companies Act, 1965 (CA 1965). Be prepared for the change in doing business in Malaysia. An individual being the single shareholder and single

director can incorporate a company.


A single individual can have complete control of the company, and still enjoy the separate liability of the corporate entity. This will make incorporating a company more attractive for businesses, entrepreneurs and business owners.


Minimum Requirement


CA 1965:


minimum two resident directors.


New CA:


companies can be incorporated and operated with a single individual or corporate shareholder and only one resident director is required (who can also be the sole shareholder of the company).


public company must have two directors


Documents required for registration


CA 1965:


statutory declaration by each promoter/director

memorandum & articles of Association

declaration by the First Secretary

payment of registration fee in accordance with the authorised capital


New CA:


statement of compliance by each promoter/director giving prescribed particulars

statement of consent & non-disqualification to act

payment of registration fee which is determined by the Registrar

On registration





CA 1965:


the incorporation of a company is certified by the Registrar under his hand and seal in the certificate of incorporation 


New CA:


the Memorandum shall contain share capital clause

notice of registration issued by the Registrar is conclusive evidence of incorporation

certificate of incorporation is issued upon application

no constitution required and no authorized capital requirement


Company secretary


CA 1965:


appointment of secretary is required.


New CA:


appointment of secretary at point of incorporation is optional.

secretary must be appointed within 30 days after incorporation.


Capacity of company


CA 1965:


the object clause of a company defines a company's capacity to carry out commercial activities in its Memorandum of Association.

any acts or actions outside its object clause are beyond the company's legal power or authority (i.e. ultra vires).


powers of a company are defined in the Third Schedule。


New CA:


a company may choose not to specify its objects.

unlimited capacity for company. The company can carry on any lawful business or activity together with full rights, powers and privileges unless the constitution provides otherwise.


removes the burden on third parties to verify if a company has capacity to enter into a transaction.


Memorandum and Articles of Association


CA 1965:


compulsory for incorporation


New CA:


replaced by a constitution.

constitution is optional

may adopt after incorporation

If a company has no constitution, the rights, powers, duties and obligations is as set out in the new CA.

Existing companies with Memorandum & Articles of Association will be deemed to have constitutions.


Common Seal


CA 1965:

a company is required to adopt a common seal.


New CA:


a common seal is optional.

If a company decides to have a common seal, the provisions of the law must be observed.


Execution of documents


CA 1965:

Execution of documents are usually through affixing common seal and countersigned by a person authorized to do so.


New CA:

by affixing common seal as provided in the constitution; ordocument may be executed by authorised officers, one of whom must be a director.


Business Registration Checklist (Sole Proprietorship & Partnership)

Sole proprietorships and partnerships are the two types of businesses that can be registered under the Registration of Businesses Act 1956. Here’s how to do it:


  1. Before you are allowed to register your sole proprietorship or partnership, you are required to select a name for your business. This can be done at the Companies Commission of Malaysia (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia, SSM) by filling in a business name application form (PNA.42) with the following details:



The proposed business name

  • Name and identity card number, if the business owner
  • Nature of business
  • Signature of the owner and the date of the application

The approval process only takes 60 minutes upon submission at SSM’s service counter (You need not go through this step if you are using your personal name as per identity card for your business name).


Submit Form A Registration of New Business within 30 days from approval of business name. The following details are required:


  • Name of business
  • Nature of business
  • Date of commencement
  • Place of business
  • Branch(es) of business, if applicable
  • Particulars of owners of business; and
  • Partnership agreement, if any
  • Signatures of all owners

Attach the following documents with Form A:


Approval letter of business name (from SSM)

Photocopies of all owners’ identity cards

Photocopy of Partnership Agreement, if any

Permit, licence, approval or supporting letter from other agencies, for businesses that require special approvals


Requirements for Business registration in Malaysia


  1. Malaysian citizens and permanent residents aged 18 and above
  2. The business must be registered not later than 30 days after commencement
  3. The nature of the business must not contravene any laws


Registration Fee for the business registration

  1. Sole proprietorship using own name as per identity card – RM30
  2. Sole proprietorship and partnership using trade name – RM60
  3. Registration of branches – RM5 per branch
  4. Business information print-out – RM10


Importance of Company Registration in Malaysia

The incorporation of the company in Malaysia is cheaper compared to Malaysia in terms of labor, office rental, etc.
It offers tax allocation and incentives for the production sector.
It is more beneficial for tourism and the hotel industry, as it is one of the most visited tourist sites.

What are the types of commercial entities in Malaysia?

The limited liability company, also known as Sendirian Berhad preferred especially by foreign entrepreneurs. It offers entrepreneurs to transact with Malaysian customers and hire an employee on the mainland.

Free Zone is preferred for production and export units. The government offers various tax benefits.



The international trading company is also known as the Labuan company, preferred especially by entrepreneurs who deal with overseas customers. The government offers such a tax-exempt vehicle for such a company.


Bumiputera Company is a company in which at least 30% of the shares are owned by a resident of Malaysia or Bumiputera corporations. If they have met this requirement then the company is eligible for special grants and discounts.


The limited liability partnership may be incorporated with at least 2 partners, and such partners may also be foreigners. There is no minimum contribution required and will be governed by the Limited Liability Partnership Law of 2012. It is more beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs trying to work on a specific project in partnership with a Malaysian company.

The branch / representative is an option available to the foreign parent company to open a branch in Malaysia. Requires the appointment of 2 resident representatives from Malaysia.


What will be the procedure for setting up the company in Malaysia?
Request for reservation of the name at the Malaysian company commission
Preparation of the company's memorandum and articles of incorporation.
Preparation of various documents such as the letter of consent of the directors and the letter of appointment.

Once all the incorporation documents are ready, the same must be signed by the directors and notified.

All the documents of incorporation are submitted to the SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and then if the documents are appropriate than the SSM will issue a certificate of incorporation. Opening a corporate bank account in Malaysia.

With the opening of the bank account, the registration of the company is obliged to deposit the proposed capital, as prescribed in the MOA actions by the shareholders.
What are the advantages of company registration in Malaysia?

Great opportunities for foreign investors to launch their subsidiary in Malaysia, as the government offers various incentives and opportunities
It is one of the ideal locations for the regional headquarters, as it is located in the center of Southeast Asia

Best for financial and investment services because it can market and market their financial products for both corporate and retail clients
It is one of the ideal places for setting up a production and distribution company, because the availability of the raw material and the skilled labor is cheap compared to other countries.

company secretary Malaysia roles and responsibility

After the company has been fully incorporated into the Malaysian Commission, the company's directors will receive a certificate of registration and within 30 days from the date of registration, all directors will appoint at least one authorized secretary of the company to fulfill


the company registration procedure

The company secretary must be an adult resident or domiciled in Malaysia. He must be a member of a designated body or be authorized by the Business Register (Malaysian Commission).

Company Secretary in Malaysia - 2016 Article 237 of the Law on commercial companies

(1) Under the terms of his appointment, the Registrar may resign from service with notification before the Council.

(2) If none of the directors of a company can be notified at the last known address of their place of residence, the registrar may, notwithstanding Article 235 (1), notify the registrar of the problem.



(3) The secretary ceases to be the secretary of the company -
· Thirty days from the date of notification referred to in paragraph 1 or the Constitution or the terms of appointment, as the case may be.
· Thirty days from the date of notification to the clerk in accordance with paragraph 2;


4. Nothing in paragraphs 1 and 2 shall exempt the registrar from any liability for any act or omission made before leaving the office.


With the advancement of company law and the cooperation of larger groups of companies, the role of company secretary Malaysia has become that of a regular employee, which is more important in every company. The current company secretary is an employee of the company who is assisted by heavier positions and higher authorities, positions that require ethical behavior from the company secretaries at all times.

Ideas on How to Start a Small Business in Indonesia

How can you start a small business in Indonesia if you don't know the market by entering it? You may face some challenges when you have no ideas on how to start a small business in Indonesia. Here are some tips and some ideas you can try.

Tips for foreign investors to start a small business in Indonesia

1. Understand the rules of Indonesia


If you are really interested in starting a small business in Indonesia, it is important that you have a legal company. The situation and the state of Indonesia may prevent you from starting a business. It is recommended that you get help from a trusted or trusted local partner or lawyer who can guide you in the right way to start a small business in this country.




Determining your location is very important. Some large cities in Indonesia can be beneficial to be a place for your business because people in big cities are usually accustomed to diversity. You can also have a virtual office. By having a virtual office, you can reach customers and suppliers and provide easy access to very important correspondence for your office.


3. Share your culture


Sharing your culture is a great way to start a small business in Indonesia. Your culture can be the source of your product or service in your business for potential customers in Indonesia. But you must do market research before entering the market in Indonesia.


Ideas on how to start a small business in Indonesia
Here are some ideas on how to start a small business in Indonesia.

Hotel Business
Investing in a small hotel or restaurant as an idea of ​​how to start a small business in Indonesia can be beneficial, especially in large cities such as Jakarta and Bali. The demand for small and comfortable hotels, but still cheap for local and foreign travelers in this country, remains high in Indonesia due to a large number of tourist sites to visit.


Furniture products

It is worth having furniture products to start a small business in Indonesia. This is because Indonesia is the largest exporter of furniture products. You can start by looking for the local trust agency in Indonesia to find the suppliers. You can export the products to many countries such as Asia, Europe, and America that need furniture from Indonesia.


Travel agency

If you are looking for an idea of ​​how to start a small business in Indonesia, it might be the right option to start the travel agency. Indonesia is known for many tourist attractions and an important destination for adventurers and beach lovers from other countries around the world.


A travel agency - Ideas on how to start a small business in Indonesia

Application developers
Another good idea to start a small business idea in Indonesia is to become an application developer. You can develop some great applications by investing your money in the application you are developing or programming. If you don't have programming knowledge, you can develop your ideas about applications and develop them by asking professionals and experts to make applications for you.

Are you trying to find a professional consulting company?
Sometimes you have some ideas on how to start a small business in Indonesia, but unknown laws and regulations in Indonesia block your path. You can look for the professional consulting company that offers the solutions to go through the process. Company Registration Co.ID is a reliable company that can help you establish your business in Indonesia. Call the Co.ID registration company for detailed information.

Company Formation in Malaysia

Malaysia has become one of the 10 most important companies in the world for its stable economic growth and welcomes the investments of business owners from around the world. Malaysia is also a strategic country with greater internal stability and better ways of life. As investment opportunities increase in this country, the demand for the establishment of Malaysian companies increases.


we understand the challenges you will face when you start a business in Malaysia. We have experience in the creation of tests and difficulties for newly created companies. malaysia foreign company registration formation We know how exhausting, boring and chaotic it is. Therefore, through our experience, we will be able to travel with you all the time, not only as a service provider but also as a business consultant.


If you are interested in merging a Malaysian company with SSM (Malaysian Corporate Council), we are the secretary of the licensed company you can trust and trust. The entire registration process takes 5 to 7 days without problems.


The basic requirements for the incorporation of companies in Malaysia:


- Subscribers with at least one share of the company.


- At least 18 directors who are at least in Malaysia. Directors should not go bankrupt or have a criminal record.


- At least one secretary of the company, who is a member of one of the professional bodies specified or licensed by SSM.


- There must be a registered office in Malaysia where you can send letters and notices.

Are you interested in partnering with Klozer to establish your business? Contact us today and we will arrange an appointment with you as soon as possible.

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Check company registration Malaysia

Do you wish to recognize the method and law to examine company registration Asian country for foreigner and native entrepreneurs? really a company, Sdn Bhd is registered by three ways in which 1) restricted by shares 2) restricted by guarantee and 3) unlimited company.


By the way, the company is registered by the same day if the projected name is out there and brought approval. the way to check company registration Asian country and method of them area unit easier and company secretary can guide consequently. 1st of all, the name shall be checked online if vacant, need to pay RM one hundred deposit and data of nature of the business, what's the that means of the name may raise generally if the name looks unacquainted with. Still a concern, the way to register an organization in an Asian country as a nonresident?